"I was not happy with my existing front crowns, I had been wearing them for many, many years and I knew they did not match up.  Smile Creations replaced my two front teeth with perfect crowns.  The proceedure was painless and affordable.  Even the temp. crowns I had to wear for awhile were better than my old ones.  Smile Creations is now my "Go To" for dental service.  I recommend them." -J.S.

"I used the services of Smile Creations for dentistry. They offer good care and service.  They are very friendly and honest.  They are very responsive and do quality service.  I was very impressed." -R.W.

"The office is well appointed and the staff is very friendly.  If you have any plaque or tartar, Aileen (the hygienist) will find it.  Dr. Milt is easy to talk to and gentle.  Glad to have a great dentist so close by!" -K.V.




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